The WeKea® delivery system

Quick, efficient delivery

Thanks to standardisation of the WeKea® production, you can have your desired conveyor belts sent to you in the form of kits to assemble yourself, or (as is usual) as partially assembled conveyors.

The revolutionary delivery system

WeKea® modular system

The quickest and most efficient way to have your WeKea® conveyors delivered to you. You benefit from the individual components’ space-saving design, and can have the belts assembled by local personnel. Thanks to the easy to understand assembly instructions, which do not contain any written descriptions at all, your system is ready for operation faster than ever.

Delivery as preassembled conveyors

Preassembled conveyors

If you decide to order preassembled conveyors, we will assemble them ourselves in the factory, up to the maximum possible length. In the case of shorter conveyors, where the entire conveyor system can be sent in a container or lorry, we will also fit the belt itself using the connection method you choose. The price will be calculated according to your specifications, and will be automatically added to your project.

There is no more efficient way

Over 100 m conveying length in one 40′ HC container

Smart packaging

Saving space means saving costs

It pays off for you if the packaging is already taken into account during the engineering of the conveyor belts. If you decide on the WeKea® modular system, you not only save your budget but also protect the environment. Thanks to the efficient packaging, you can save a large number of containers that would otherwise be required. This also means that significantly less CO2 is emitted during shipping.

As easy as with new furniture

Assembly by local personnel

The conveyor belts in the WeKea® system are quick and easy to assemble. It is also easy to have them assembled on site by local personnel. The assembly instructions are based completely on illustrations. Any possible language barriers are therefore a thing of the past.

In the configurator

In the Shipping section, the WeKea® configurator enables you choose between the two delivery methods described above. Furthermore, you can also choose between lorry transport (FCA from Ostbevern) or by 40′ HC container (FCA from Südlohn). Depending on your choice, the configurator also calculates the number of lorries or sea containers required, plus the total weight of your order.


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