Choosing the correct scraper

In order to prevent unwanted deposits on the conveyor belt, you should use the appropriate scrapers. Here you will learn which scrapers are available in the WeKea system.

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Sales Manager Rainer Flaute summarizes which scrapers can be used with WeKea® conveyors (English subtitles available).

Why do I need scrapers?

Scrapers clean the conveyor belt’s surface. As a result, the surfaces of both the conveying side and the inside are effectively protected from dirt. Scrapers are also good for the belt’s deflection drums. If, on the other hand, the belt or drum are not effectively freed of remaining materials, this can bring about extensive and ultimately expensive consequences for operation of the conveyor system. Choosing a suitable scraper should therefore not be neglected. Below you will find the three main arguments for using scrapers:

Scrapers make cleaning easier

Foreign materials that remain on the belt can fall uncontrollably when the belt is in reverse motion. They then regularly build up on the floor or in the lower belt cover. As the system operator, you then need to make more of an effort to keep your system clean. Scrapers considerably reduce the need for cleaning.

Scrapers prolong the service life

Without scrapers, the belt and deflection drum in particular suffer from constant soiling. Because they therefore wear out more quickly, this causes unnecessary costs, and not just for high quality replacement parts and installation. At the worst, unplanned faults can lead to long downtime for the entire system. Scrapers prevent such situations occurring, considerably increasing your system’s life.

Scrapers save power

Materials remaining on the belt unnecessarily can result in increased friction at the widest variety of places on the conveyor belt. The motor therefore requires more power to reach the same speed. We would be pleased to provide you with individually tailored advice on which scrapers you need in order to make your conveyor belts more profitable.

What types of scraper are there?

In the WeKea® system, high quality scrapers are available for various positions and in different designs. Thanks to our decades-long experience in conveyor technology, and also thanks to our partner Martin Engineering, we have been able to develop a well-thought-out scraper concept that constantly enables long-lasting, efficient operation of the conveyor belts.

Inner belt scraper

The inner belt scraper is essential for protecting the valuable deflection drum. For this reason, is is included as standard in all WeKea® belts.Materials which, somewhere along the conveyor, land on the underside of the belt, are immediately conveyed to the drum in the clamping station. To prevent impurities from disrupting belt running or wearing out the drum, the plough scraper frees the belt from materials in the most efficient way possible, on the basis of its special link design.

Drum scraper

Even when using the inner belt scraper, small pieces of extraneous matter can land between the belt and the drum. The drum scraper, which is also built in as standard, prevents these materials from becoming stuck on the drum over the longer term. So the materials scraped off the drum do not land on the inside of the belt (therefore being conveyed to the drum again), we have integrated a collection grille at this position.

Main scraper

The main scraper cleans the belt’s surface. It is located on the underside of the belt head, and carefully cleans the surface of the belt after the material has been transferred to the next assembly. Depending on the application, you can choose between designs made from hard metal or polyurethane. Another characteristic of the WeKea® belts: Our scrapers do not have any effect on the transfer point or any of the conveyor belt’s other important external dimensions. So in the event that you want to retrofit scrapers, you do not need to replan anything.

Front head scraper

In some cases, for example if the product being conveyed contains sticky substances, you should deploy a front head scraper. You can also combine this with one of the main scrapers. Here Westeria® also has an ace up its sleeve with a further innovation. Thanks to a productive partnership with the company Martin Engineering, we have been able to develop probably the best front head scraper you can find. Designed to perfectly complement the ergonomics of our drive drums, these scrapers are highly effective and are characterised by easy, seldom-required maintenance.

In the configurator

Once you have decided on a type of scraper, you can then simply choose it in the WeKea configurator. To do so, in conveyor belt configuration, go to the Scraper section in step 4. Details. There you will find a dropdown list showing all the scraper combinations compatible with your current configuration. If you select a different scraper, the total price of the conveyor belt updates automatically, as usual.


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