Motors by SEW Eurodrive

Driven by quality

Westeria® sets great importance on quality, and so this of course also applies to the WeKea® system. All installed components are Made in Germany, and for this reason we use the powerful bevel gears from market leader SEW Eurodrive. As a result, we are able to guarantee that, in the event of a breakdown, all spare parts are available within 48 hours worldwide. This gives you the production reliability you require.

Motor properties per project

For each project, you can determine the following properties on the first page of the configurator. Each conveyor belt that you add to your project automatically has these properties applied to it. Properties that you change later are also applied to every conveyor belt you added, and are taken into account both when indicating the price and in the subsequent quotation.

  • Protection class
  • Voltage / Frequency
  • Temperature zone
  • UL / CSA certification
Protection class

As standard, all WeKea® belts comply with protection class IP55. If required, you can also select a higher protection class (IP65) for your entire project.

Voltage / Frequency

Please enter the voltage and frequency required for operating the conveyor belts in your region into the configurator.

Temperature zone

All motors are generally designed for temperatures between -15 °C and +40 °C.

If your application requires a greater permitted temperature range, you can specify this as -25 °C to +80 °C.

UL / CSA certification

If UL or CSA  certification is required at your installation site, tick the relevant box. By making this selection, you can be sure that the required standards for this certificate will be adhered to.


Motor properties per conveyor belt

Once you have added a new conveyor belt to your project, you can specify additional motor properties individually for each conveyor belt.

  • Capacity
  • Speed
  • Temperature sensor
  • External fan
  • Motor brake

In order to calculate the required power, we need to know your expected material throughput in tonnes per hour. You can specify this to a maximum of 500 t/h.


Für die WeKea® Förderbänder stehen drei Geschwindigkeiten zur Verfügung. Darüberhinaus bieten wir Ihnen gerne weitere Bandgeschwindigkeiten individuell an.

Tipp: Bei einer Geschwindigkeit von 1 m/s erreichen Sie i. d. R. den günstigsten Preis.

0.3 m/s

0.6 m/s

1.0 m/s
Temperature sensor

We recommend the temperature sensor if you are using frequency converters. This makes it easy to monitor and analyse the motor temperature via the system control.

External fan

Usually the speed of the fans integrated in the motor is dependent on the motor speed. In order to ensure that the motor operates efficiently and fail-safe even at low speeds, the use of an external fan can be advantageous. This is operated via a separate drive and its own power supply and thus ensures sufficient ventilation of the motor regardless of its speed. Especially if you want to reduce the belt speed by means of a frequency converter, the selection of an external fan is recommended.

Motor brake

To prevent the conveyor from running backwards, the calculator automatically adds a motor brake for inclinations of more than 10 °. If required, you can manually select or deselect this preselection at your own risk in the conveyor configuration under 4. DetailsOptions. Please note that this selection can be overwritten if the gradient angle is subsequently changed.

In the configurator

The motor power required for your configuration is calculated fully automatically in the background. Based on other factors, such as for example inclination, number of impact tables and required torque etc, each belt is assigned the optimum motor. And of course, the operating factor always remains in the safe, reliable range. This guarantees that even under the toughest conditions, the conveyor belt starts up safely when conditions are extreme.


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