WeKea® conveyor types

Which type of conveyor is best for which types of use? Here we provide you with an overview of our three conveyor types. Learn everything you need to know in order to always select the perfect conveyor belt.
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Head of Sales Rainer Flaute explains the advantages of FlatCon®, UCon® and SteelCon®.

The versatile


The versatile FlatCon® combines the benefits of roller bed and slider bed belt conveyors. Due to the use of slide supports at the sides, they combine optimum side sealing with energy-saving drive power. Furthermore, the FlatCon® is the right choice if you want to configure a reversible conveyor or plan to use a cleated belt.


With the reversible FlatCon®, you can convey your material in both directions.

Side sealing

Thanks to the slide supports at the sides, you achieve optimal sealing

Cleated belt

The FlatCon® is also suitable for use with our cleated belt, which has been designed for particularly steep inclinations.

The classic


The UCon® is Westeria®’s solution for all types of bulk goods. It can be fitted with additional side seals, at any length you require. Furthermore, in contrast to conventional conveyors, it has been perfectly designed so that the carrier roller can be easily reached for maintenance purposes or to replace it. Large volumes are also no problem for the UCon®: By additional increases to the height of the sides, you can achieve an especially high loading height even with a covered upper belt.

30° trough shape

The 30° trough shape guarantees safe, efficient conveying of loose bulk goods and at the same time minimal wear to the carrier rollers.

UCon® side seal

The special UCon® side seals are especially easy to maintain, and are quick and straightforward to align. This ensures optimum sealing, including over the long term.

Easy maintenance

In contrast to conventional conveyors of this type, the UCon®’s carrier rollers are easy to replace via maintenance flaps, even when you choose side seals.

The robust


The SteelCon® has been designed for the very toughest applications, and is a real powerhouse. Its weight of over half a tonne per 3m segment is proof that it masters the most demanding duties conveying scrap and other heavy or aggressive material flows, and over the long term. The lateral guides, made from galvanised steel, are supplied as standard, and can also be optionally fitted with additional wear plates.

Extra-strong construction

In order to counter even the strongest materials, the SteelCon® has been designed to be even more robust. 6 mm thicker steel ensures a long service life.

Large drive drum

To ensure optimum driving force transmission, the SteelCon® is always supplied with an extra-large drum. With a diameter of 320 mm, it is a third larger than our standard drive drums.

Optional special belt

If required, the SteelCon® is available with an optional EP 500/4 5:2 special belt, which offers greater resistance.

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