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Software Development

Developed in Ostbevern, Germany

With over 60 years’ experience producing and marketing conveyor technology, we set ourselves the task of completely rethinking the purchasing process. We have massively simplified the often time-consuming and cost-intensive coordination processes. The result is not only a technical redesign of the belts, but also our new, intuitive online configurator.

Up to now, there has never been a configurator for complex conveyor systems of this type. Developing software that is easy to use at the same as offering a wide range of options requires close cooperation between almost all departments.

The experience and expectations of the product development, production, warehousing, dispatch, spare parts service, sales, marketing and IT departments, among others, all flowed into the development of the software. For this reason, we decided not to engage external service providers, but to develop the software ourselves here at Westeria®. This also enables us to react quickly to customer feedback in future, and to continuously optimise the online configurator.

Smart features

Some highlights


You can add up to 50 conveyor belts to your project, and always have an overview of your costs. If you modify project-specific properties, the price of all the conveyor belts in your project is directly updated. Enjoy flexibility by duplicating, deleting or modifying your configured belts.

Lifting equipment

So that you can safely lift your conveyor belts, we offer lifting equipment in various designs. If required, the configurator can automatically add the necessary lifting equipment to your quotation.

Delivery planning

Even during configuration, you can see how much the individual conveyors will weigh. We also calculate the expected freight volume (lorry or container). This ensures you always have a full overview of the expected delivery costs.

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