Conveyors easier than ever



The system

Conveyors rethought

The logical conclusion from more than 60 years of experience in conveyor and recycling technology: With our new conveyor series WeKea® we revolutionize the procurement process of conveyor systems. With our online configurator you can now receive an official quote within minutes. Thanks to the modular design, your conveyors are ready for shipment in no time and use much less freight space. All this, of course, without having to make any compromises in terms of quality.

Fast and easy configuration

Every application is different. But we still think that getting a quote for a conveyor should be easy. That’s why we put a lot of work into the design of our online configurator.


Planning certainty

Within seconds you will receive an official quotation and an approvable 3D drawing. So you can immediately proceed with the further planning of your project.


No compromise on quality

You can be sure that all WeKea® conveyors are constructed from top quality components. Learn more about our production and our partnerships with various manufacturers.


Fast and efficient delivery

Each conveyor component has been carefully designed to save space, in order to minimise freight costs. We have most of the parts you need already in stock, and thanks to the WeKea® modular system your local staff can assemble it on their own.



The WeKea® system is the next big step for the production and distribution of conveyors. The specialised press also reacted positively. Here you’ll find a small selection from the German-speaking countries.

Well conceived engineering

The conveyors

After five years of design and optimisation we have developed the three WeKea® conveyor types: FlatCon®, UCon® and SteelCon®. The challenge was not only to standardise most parts and components, but to keep the whole system as flexible as you are used to from Westeria®.

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Get your quote in less than five minutes

How can you optimise your processes with the WeKea® system? Which innovations can be found within the new conveyor series? We’ll be pleased to advise you in detail individually.